Modular Construction

Axis Modular Systems

Modular buildings can range from small, temporary/relocatable wood buildings to large, permanent steel and concrete, non-combustible structures of multiple stories. Whether new construction, additions/expansions, or even remodels, modular construction delivers four key benefits:

  1. Schedule acceleration
  2. Reduced operational disruption
  3. Budget certainty
  4. Least site impact/most sustainable way to build

Modular construction can be successfully executed in virtually any sector, with proven advantages in the educational, governmental, healthcare, higher ed, housing, industrial/commercial, and retail fields.

AXIS MODULAR SYSTEMS is dedicated to delivering quality modular projects, total project management, on-time delivery and completion, and complete customer satisfaction. With our modular expertise and strong financial resources, we’re ready to assist your architect, internal design team, or consultants in developing a modular building project that makes sense for you.

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