Off-site modular construction has clear advantages over on-site construction. John Buongiorno, Director of Axis Construction’s modular division and Jim Gabriel, General Manager at MODLOGIQ, discuss their recipe for modular success.

The advantages of modular construction are easy to spot. Buildings are completed more quickly because the site is prepared while modules are being built off-site. Since modules are manufactured in a climate-controlled environment, not subject to the vagaries of weather or on-site theft, there are fewer delays and construction goes on year-round.

And although some think modular construction is just an assembly line by another name, allowing limited customization, this is not so. A prospective client only has to look at MODLOGIQ in New Holland, Pennsylvania, which constructs one-of-a-kind health care, education and retail projects, each to a client’s unique specifications, while conforming to wildly varying state and municipal building codes, and to all Department of Transportation requirements.