Hauppauge, NY – May 4, 2023 – Tim Stellenwerf joins Axis Construction Corporation as Project Manager on the 6,900 square foot Emergency Department expansion for Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth. He’s leading Axis Construction’s use of advanced 360 image capture technology from OpenSpace to optimize off-site construction.

Technology Maximizes Efficiency

OpenSpace Capture is like Google Earth, except for your building,” says Tim. “The [modular manufacturer] MODLOGIQ team captures 360 images at defined points of the ER project every couple of days. Takes just a few minutes. So now I can get on a video call with them and together we can look at a 360 image of a piece of ductwork—tilt up and down, pan right and left, zoom in and out—and solve a clearance issue right away—even though I’m up here in the Northeast managing site work. It’s really powerful. This makes me incredibly efficient. It prevents issues from causing delays. And it cuts way down on travel expenses.”

OpenSpace Capture provides immersive project documentation that can actually be better than visiting MODLOGIQ in person. “The ability to look at the history of each camera location—to peel back layers—is so valuable. For example, I can check the insulation in a finished wall by backtracking to a previous day’s capture and confirm that the insulation was correctly installed.”

Extensive Experience in Modular

Tim brings an impressive background to Axis Construction, with nearly a decade of experience in modular construction, as well as Superintendent, Program Management, Project Management, and other leadership roles on major construction projects. This experience has made him a big proponent of off-site modular construction. “If you look at the logistics alone,” he points out, “when you build on site, you’ve got contractors on top of each other. You’ve got weather. But the controlled environment of off-site construction lets us stage contractors for greater efficiency. We use BIM to integrate coordination of trades. Everything is more streamlined due to high degree of planning and forethought.”

Stay tuned for more progress reports from Tim on the Emergency Department expansion for Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth…

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