Haupaugge, NY – April 1, 2023 – Axis Construction Corporation, an award-winning leader in off-site modular and conventional commercial construction for the Northeast, has won “First Place, Relocatable Assembly – Over 10,000 Square Feet” at the 2023 World of Modular Annual Convention & Tradeshow—the modular industry’s largest and most acclaimed awards competition.

“Off-site modular construction of the Crew Assembly Building delivered important benefits for our armed forces customer compared to conventional construction, including greatly reduced disruption to vital military operations and dramatically lessened impact at the constrained site,” says John Buongiorno, Director of the Modular Division for Axis Construction.

The Crew Assembly Building is a two-story, 14,000 SF modular building comprised of 50 single-use Conex shipping containers that form a Type II-B non-combustible steel building. The upper floor is raised via structural columns to create an interstitial space that houses MEP runs.

The Crew Assembly Building is designed to be the hub of both functional and social activities for armed services personnel. Interior finishes are bright and colorful drywall with suspended painted ceilings that give the building a more professional—rather than an industrial—look and feel. The facility houses up to 30 personnel in bunk-style quarters and provides secure weapons storage, lounges, private offices, training rooms and bathroom/shower facilities. It also features the latest top-secret security technology, wireless internet, and was designed using high-efficiency, energy saving interior light fixtures with occupancy sensor controls in all rooms.

Off-site modular construction made it possible to deploy this large building in a very small footprint—wedged between existing structures—while minimizing construction hazards, laydown area, and mobilization/demobilization impacts. Energy conserving features, such as the mechanical systems, coupled with occupancy sensors, energy efficient lighting, independent building management system, and water saving fixtures all integrate to provide lower operational costs over time.

About Axis Construction

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